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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Soak it All in

Ok friends, I was thinking to myself the other day, as I took my doggies Vixen and Poppy for a spa day, wait, I want a spa day. This inspired my blog all about the home spa, and how I really really wish I had one of these fantastical bathrooms, but, since most of us dont, here are some tips on how to create your own spa style retreat:

Tip 1: Declutter. Aww, nothing says spa like a countertop full of makeup, hairspray, curling irons, tampons and shaving foam right? Put it away people.  Invest in some pretty baskets or canvas bins to hide items away.

Tip 2: Accessorize with the things you use anyway. Ok, yes, I'm telling you to show it off now, where I just told you to hide it away. Some things are pretty (or simple) enough to have a place in your space that is visible. Get a few glass containers to put cotton balls, Q-tips, bath beads or salts, or pretty soaps in. Make sure the containers you choose are the same shape and size for continuity.

Tip 3: Add some green. This is one of my favorite things. Living in Colorado, we have some pretty hardy plants that are quite happy here.  However, I crave the color and structure of some of the tropical plants that you just cant find in a desert region.  The bathroom is a humid enough place most of the time that makes it the perfect environment for one of these beauties. Add an orchid or bromeliad to your space for some lovely color and a gorgeous natural element.

Tip 4: Ladies this one is for you. When choosing paint colors make sure you go with a color that has the same undertone as your skin. We all have one of these either Yellow, Pink or Blue undertones. If you have pink undertones, dont choose a hue with a blue undertone. You'll thank me when applying your makeup. All you have to do when selecting a paint color is hold it against your skin. We're not looking for a "match" here, just something that complements your skin. A color that is contrasting to your skin tone will reflect off of your face and make makeup application a bit trickier.

Tip 5: Choose soft lighting. Halogens are great for this kind of space as they have a wide color spectrum and allow the true colors of elements in the space to glow, rather than being masked by a yellow artificial glow.  Candles are also a great way to make a room romantic and inviting; and if you're gonna buy them USE THEM. Why worry about not lighting them just so they are pretty. Just make sure you protect the surface underneath them.You can also replace that ugly globe fixture with a chandelier or a pretty pendant, and get rid of those hollywood lights, I dont think there is a spa in the world that has those.

Tip 6: Skip the hardwoods. Honestly, if you want to use something like a laminate instead of natural hardwoods, go for it, but natural wood will expand and contract with the changes in humidity and it will be a nightmare to maintain. Try bamboo flooring (bamboo is technically a grass not a wood so there are no issues with expanding/contracting.) or go with cork, cork comes in tons of colors, is soft underfoot, absorbs sounds and is a renewable material.

Tip 7: Add something upholstered. Ok, I know this is tough if you have a tiny bathroom, but if you've got the space, an upholstered piece is a perfect way to make this space more "livable" rather than just "functional." It doesn't have to be big, upholster a pretty bench, or a vanity seat in a fabric that works with your decor. Heres a tip within the tip though, dont use leather in your bathroom, leather + moisture is a no go.

Tip 8: Dont skimp on the finishes. If you have those ugly builder grade acrylic knobs in your bathroom please please please replace them. They are quite possibly the most hideous home decor items ever designed. It is not too expensive to replace your fixtures with something softer, like nickle or (if you have a bit more to spend) a rubbed bronze. Keep all of these finishes the same, this is not the time to go mixing your metals.  While you're at it, invest in a large shower head (think the rain heads) these are so spa-esque and can be purchased rather inexpensively.

Tip 9: Buy some good towels. Do NOT buy those 3$ sale towels you saw in the k-mart circular this weekend. NO NO NO. These have no absorbancy and will just make you irritated when you try to dry off with them; not to mention they are somewhat rough on the skin. Buy some really fluffy towels (which you can also find on sale, just not for 3 bucks) or a bath sheet. Towels are another great way to accessorize your bath. Roll them up, tie off with a pretty ribbon or a piece of rattan and stack them in a basket or on a tray next to your tub.

Tip 10: Add some sounds. Find a place to hide a sound machine in your bath. Most can be battery powered so you dont have to display them next to an outlet. Put them in a pretty wooden box or tuck away in a canvas bin. Play a calming cd, think babbling brook or waterfall the next time you take a dip in the tub.


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