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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Design is Delish...

Design makes me feel all sorts of things, today, its hungry!!!! so often people think of "natural" colors as earthy browns, mossy greens, sand, etc. all of these are fantastic, neutral and wonderful, they are all necessities to all designers.  Neutrals are essential in a design, but ALL neutrals can sometimes be lackluster

I say, what about the natural COLORS, ones that are bright and saturated, and sometimes intense:

Greenmarket is one of pantones color palettes for 2010,

and it rocks

the palettes colors are as follows: Tomato Puree, Vanilla Ice, Chutney, Paprika, Dijon, Apple Green, Super Lemon, Peach Blossom and Beaujolais.
hungry yet, I thought so...

"The need for healthier and more artisanal foods has grown from traditional farmers’ markets to greenmarkets. Found on country roads or urban lots, these visually appealing and tastetempting sites invite us to stop and sample a broader and more diverse selection of goods and goodies. From Tomato Puree and Beaujolais with the tang of Super Lemon or bite of Apple Green, to the more exotic flavors of Dijon, Paprika and Chutney, Greenmarket contains representational hues that entice and appeal to both the eyes and the taste buds."

Look at the color of this sofa, so yummy, and a bold grape patterned chair, a fantastic complement

Dont be afraid to combine two saturated colors, red, yellow green and teal complete a classic tertiary color scheme, take an apple green and grape together (as seen above), try mixing other saturated complements like raspberry and canary or teal and tangerine

Depending on the color temperature of the hue you choose
you can dramatically change the personality of your space, take a spicier yellow for an elegant, classic space, or a brighter yellow paired with contrasting black and white for a fun and dramatic design

Raspberry sorbet on the walls is so feminine and gorgeous, a tomatoe red curtain paired with greys, black, white, and equal parts texture and pattern is effortlessly pulled together







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  1. Love these colors! I am a huge fan of color and like mixing saturated colors together, thank you.