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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lets Talk Texture

We all know how much I love the use of bold color in design, but colorful interiors aren't for everyone.  Neutral designs rock too, as long as you incorporate one key element,


now lets expand our minds a little; living in Colorado, often times when people think texture, they think of rough: hewn beams, rattan, bark, stone etc.  These are not the only textures you can incorporate into a neutral color palette.  Lets go through a dictionary of textural terms:


there are too many to name.  The idea is to incorporate a handful of these.  Not ALL of them in one room, but pick several, and not just one or the design can fall flat.  Lets look at some examples of textural designs that make me drool...

Here are some examples of two completely different design
styles that utilize the same general principle, neutral colors and highly textural

I just want to touch this pillow, how gorgeous is that!

Crewel is an all time favorite fabric of mine, I am in love with this shade
I love how airy and gauzy this bathroom is

look at all the variable textures in this space, rough, glassy, croched, soft: we have metal, glass, shell, wood, rattan, a woven rug, croched pillow, glass vase and side table: little color, big impact
this sconce by collura & co is fab

Take a look at this rug, it won the British design of the year, I love it
I used to use rugs like this one often, capel has similar ones called "pebbles"

 Take a look at your space and see how you've used texture as a design element, you probably do it without even noticing.  Using your senses in design is critical, if it is only visually pleasing, it isn't enough to satisfy, it has to be a tactile sensation also











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