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Friday, February 12, 2010

Design Myth # 2: Don't Mix your Patterns...Boo

Design Myth #2: DONT mix patterns... boo
This is one myth that really really digs at me. Mixing patterns is one way to really make your space unique and individual. The only "rule" to mixing patterns is that they all have some common thread, not EVERYTHING goes together obviously, so use discriminating taste, and your design will sing. Here are some tips to make mixing fabrics easier:

Pick fabrics with patterns in different scale; if you choose an large medallion print as your inspiration fabric, choose, for example, a wide stripe, small floral and a textured pattern on your other pieces.

Distribute your weight: dont leave ALL of the patterns on 1 side of the room, this is a sure-fire way to make your space seem imbalanced. Rotate them throughout the room to even it all up. You could use a pattern on pillows,window treatments, a chair, ottoman, rug etc.
Dont mix your color saturations: Keep your hues on the same wavelength, mixing primary colors with pastels will probably not work; I'm not saying its impossible, but very tough to pull off

Consider all elements: If you have an oriental rug that you adore, mix fabrics that are not going to compete with this large scale pattern in the room. I would pick textured patterns, and more geometric shapes as opposed to large floral prints, medallions, and paisleys that try to steal all of the attention.

Think about the materials: I'm talking about the weight and feel of the textile here. Every fabric has a personality some are drama queens, some are sportier, others high society, some have a woodsy feeling, while others are like the southern debutante. I wouldn't go mixing a sporty fabric with the high society fabric. It would seem strange if you had an embroidered silk sitting next to a cotton calico print. Its like the people you surround yourself with, they all share commonalities with your personality and lifestyle, your textile selections should do the same.

Here are some great instances in which mixing pattern is super fab:
everything from traditional, urban, french provencial, southern chic and modern designs


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