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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Design a Room Around This......

February in Colorado is often dreary and cold. I am CRAVING spring! Fabrics like this beautiful watercolor

print make me happy this time of year! Therefore, I'm using this fabric as the inspiration behind this weeks

design a room around this....

I LOVE watercolors and there are so many beautiful colors to be inspired by. I often try to impart on clients the idea that keeping your staple pieces neutral is a good idea, this way you are free to change your design easily and without spending a ton of money

This fabric is so gorgeous I would love to reupholster a chair such as this:

If you have a solid colored sofa in tan, brown, taupe, white, olive, grey, blue or even a golden yellow you can add

in a fabric like this with other colorful accents to make a fun, springy design.

Add in throw pillows in saturated colors pulled directly from the staple fabric, you can always use them in future designs as well because they have simple, geometric patterns and use a single color

Use a wall color that is a muted color: such as sherwin williams rice paddy (SW 6414), colonial revival stone (SW 2827) roycroft pewter (sw 2848), or downing straw (sw 2813)
I would add some warmth to the design with metals and warm woods. Use metal lamp bases instead of glass or porcelain, mirror frames that are oxidized instead of painted and find a few interesting metallic accessories

and dont be afraid to mix your metals, thats what gives design some personality, just dont go bananas with it.
add something textural: like a sisal rug on the floor, a wooden bowl with a considerable grain pattern like this birch one found at borisbadinovs etsy store borisbadinov

support your indie artist with some art sketches like these prints from JenniferDowney's etsy store:









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