thanks for visiting! As this is my first EVER blog, I think some info on my background is important. My name is Nicole, I am a mother of 2, wife of 9 years and interior designer. My life as a designer has been interesting thus far. I have worked for a large builder (who shall remain nameless ;-) designing model homes as well as an interior designer for Drexel Heritage in Colorado Springs. I have always worked for someone else and am ready to try this thing out on my own. As I find myself currently unemployed (urg) I dont see a better time than now to start the ball rolling on my passion for design. You can expect me to provide tips, tricks, answer questions and share with you the many wonderful design finds I come across. So please please if there is something you are interested in knowing, let me know. and here we go......

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Daily Discovery

koko company  I am loving the pillows I found by koko company.  There are tons of different styles to choose from.  The focus here is to create vibrant beautiful designs that are inspired by different cultures around the world. You can choose from bright and colorful or natural and muted designs; but no matter what you choose, it will have been created on a natural fiber. There are no synthetics used in these products, just natural linen, organic cotton and raw silk. Did I mention the embroidered silk pillows are to die for?  Here are some of my favorites

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