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Friday, February 19, 2010

Closet Envy

So Mr. Big says "We're getting married, should we get you a diamond?" to which Carrie replys "no, no, just get me a really big closet."

Ok, so, my closet isn't terrible. I have to share with my husband, but hes fantastic about realizing that girls just have more stuff than guys, well, most guys. So I get the lions share of the closet, and it is a good size.... buuuut.... its nothing like these closets that have me drooling. The closet has transformed from a non-existent space, to a teeny tiny 2'x5' area, to a walk in to a full on room with shelving, drawers, cedar lining, wooden hangers, floor to ceiling mirrors, lingerie storage, handbag display, shoe shelving, ottomans, tie racks, jewelry counters, I could go on and on, fact is I'm totally jealous. Take a peek at some delicious closets...

this one belongs to mariah carey

and my personal favorite


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